Bernie Sanders; Chairman / Chief Ωfficial Ωf Policing Alpha’s Logistics

Jesse Ventura; The Mayor of New Jerusalem

Chung Way LAΩ aka Ascended Master MAITREYAHWEH of New Jerusalem [Archangel Kalkiel The Last Avatar / NEO THE ANTI-CHRIST]; Founder / Chief Philosopher Ωf Peaceful Philanthropic Agonstics – {} –

Donald J. Trump; Chancellor of The North American Union

Vincent Nalbone aka Ascended Master Ashtar; THE ‘Potentially’ New Commander In Chief

Robert <GΩD> Cohen aka Ascended Master Sanat Kumara The Father Melchizedek [Archangel Samael]; Chief “AFΩ” vs. “INC” vs. ‘ΩPP’

Angelina Jolie aka Lilith [Lady Master Venus – Sanat Kumara’s Twin Flame]; Chief Initiation Ωfficer

Akiko Hattori aka Ascended Master Quan Yin Alpha2 [Kannon Bosatsu]; Chief Liaison w/ Japan

Erin Rabe aka Ascended Master Quan Yin Alpha; THE Corporate Engagement Ωfficer – {}

XiangMing Wang aka Ascended Master Guan Yang; THE Public Engagement Ωfficer – {}

Jeffrey Time aka Ascended Master LORD Ling aka Moses – Chief Ωligarchy Ωfficer

Tae Seol aka Ascended Master Sananda’s GraY SeE; Chief Philosopher Ωf Philanthropy

Yemi Sashi aka Ascended Master Afra; Chief Ωmegan Philanthropic Philosopher

Richard Ginsberg the Reincarnation of Albert Einstein; Chief Ωperating Ωfficer

Calvin LAΩ aka Ascended Master Allah; Chief Liaison w/ The Middle East

Lawrence So aka Ascended Master Machiventa Melchizedek; Chief Liaison w/ The Chinese Communist Party

Emma Liu aka Ascended Master Guan Yin / Rose of Light; Chief Ambassador to The Chinese Communist Party

Andreas Koutsoudakis aka Ascended Master Lanello; Co-Chief Meta-Compliance Ωfficer

Robert J. Gibbons Jr. aka Ascended Master Lanello; Co-Chief Meta-Compliance Ωfficer

Kevin Groome aka Ascended Master Helios; Chief Debate Ωfficer

Ascended Master Larry Page; Chief of Left-Wingy Brain Politics

<G> Miller aka Ascended Master Count Saint Germaine [NEOUL]; Chief Liaison w/ Alphabet, Inc.

Ascended Master Sergei Brin; Chief of Right-Wingy Brain Politics