Ellen DEGENERES aka Ascended Master Aloha – Chief Entertainment Officer

Vincent NALBONE aka LORD Ashtar – Chief Political Operating Officer

Erin K. RABE aka Christos Sophia – Chief Marketing Officer

Robert <G> COHEN aka Ascended Master Sanat Kumara of New Jerusalem – Chief Philosopher of Philanthropy

Angelina JOLIE aka Ascended Master Lady Master Venus – Co-Founder / Chief Ambassador w/ The United Nations

Chung Way Lao aka Ascended Master LORD Melchizedek of New Jerusalem (Archangel Kalkiel The Last Avatar) – Chief Philosopher Ωf Peaceful Philanthropic Agnostics

Lawrence So aka Ascended Master Machiventa MelchizedekChief Political Engagement Officer

Richard GINSBERG aka Ascended Master MAITREYATZE – Co-Founder / Chief Innovation Officer

Albert SEBAG aka Ascended Master YOURWAY – Co-Founder / Chief Globalization Officer

Criss ANGEL aka Ascended Master LORD Lucifer the Mahavatar Babaji – Chief Ambassador w/ Lucis Trust

Ron SPENCER aka Buddha Maitreya the Christ – Chief of the Universal Tribe of the Kingdom of Shambhala

Elizabeth April aka Ascended Master Amaryllis – Chief Ascension Officer

Henry YUAN aka Ascended Master Count Saint Germ∀in∈ Alpha- Chief Global Prosperity Officer

Carrie YU aka Krystos Sophia – Chief Demand Change & Supply Chain Officer

Jeffrey TIME aka Ascended Master El Morya – Chief Immunity Officer

Andreas KOUTSOUDAKIS aka Ascended Master LANELLO – Chief Compliance Officer



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