Chung Way LAΩ aka Ascended Master Maitreya’s White Cloud of New Jerusalem [Archangel KalkiEL / ADONAI TSEBAYOTH / NEO THE ANTI-CHRIST]; Founder / Chief Philosopher Ωf Peaceful Philanthropic Agonstics – {]

Calvin LAΩ aka Ascended Master Allah; Chief Peacemaker w/ The Middle East

Emma LAΩ aka Ascended Master Guan Yin; Chief Peacemaker w/ The Chinese Communist Party

Erin K. Rabe aka Christos Sophia; THE Corporate Political Ωfficer – {}

Ascended Master Larry Page; Chief of Left-Brainy Wing Politics

<G> Miller aka Ascended Master Count Saint Germaine [NEOUL]; Chief Liaison w/ Alphabet, Inc.

Ascended Master Sergei Brin; Chief of Right-Brain Wing Politics

Andrew Maitreya Cuomo; Chairman / Chief Ωfficial Ωf Policing Alpha’s Logistics

Vinny Nalbone aka Ascended Master Ashtar; THE ‘Potentially’ New Commander In Chief

Robert <GΩD> Cohen aka Ascended Master Sanat Kumara [Archangel SamaEL]; Chief “AFΩ” vs. “INC” vs. ‘ΩPP’

Angelina Jolie aka Lilith [Lady Master Venus – Sanat Kumara’s Twin Flame]; Chief Initiation Ωfficer

Jeffrey Time – Chief Oligarchy Officer