Platform Statement

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The NERDS Open Source Democracy Foundation believes that the majority of our current elected officials and their respective political and legislative processes are rudimentary when it comes to leveraging modern technology and social media with their political engagement practices. Sure… most elected officials may have a Twitter account, Facebook page, and a website; the basics. But how effective are their political engagement methodologies in terms of incorporating the opinions of us the citizens they serve that a true democracy should strive to accomplish? You can’t gather deep, diverse and meaningful ideas and opinions by hosting town hall meetings sporadically and pick out a handful of participants to ask questions and voice their concerns. Town hall meetings definitely has a human touch but we believe that complex subject matters need to be streamlined so that the appropriate audiences are gathered and assembled with their respective online forums and/or chatterboxes which is what Facebook posts and various forum websites are sufficient at nowadays. By engaging the latter communication mechanisms, you truly become an intellectualized participant for the cause. Online teleconferencing is also another viable avenue of communion amongst us nerds as well.

Socialism? In America? What have we been smoking? Obviously only sativas! 😉 We believe an accurate gauge on the potential success of Socialism in America depends on how idealistic and educated you are about Socialism. It is my opinion that the majority of well known Socialist regimes failed due to utter immorality, mismanagement, corruption and poor circumstances. And not to mention the lack of a sustainable economy due to minimal individual incentives which capitalism averts by nature amongst individuals obsessed with increasing the bottom line on their bank accounts. The Soviet Union collapsed after all the years fighting with America when the velocity of the Cold War was paramount enticing them to misappropriate their expenditures out of competitive nationalism. Our argument as to why Socialism will work in/for America is that we have already succeeded as a self-sustaining democratic economic juggernaut with much more to give than we are currently giving and the individual incentive for us Americans to succeed at its core is rooted more towards our innate passion for progress and our innate desire to satisfy our endless curiosity; both of which being noble virtues over the idea of money itself.

So what else is required for a successful social democracy? We believe wholeheartedly that circumventing corruption via decentralized governance must be the new standard. Its unambiguous that the key to a successful social democracy is to uphold the consensus of the will of its citizens. So without the opportunity of corruption and deceit interfering with the integrity of our government’s decision making process, we believe that America will indeed flourish as a social democracy.

Now let’s discuss our membership tiers. Basic members can only vote to elect official party members running for office and on select issues and agendas. Silver members have the ability to post and discuss issues and agendas on our forums. Gold members have the ability to participate in teleconferencing debates and discussions. Platinum members have the ability to become candidates running for office. Our membership fees are as follows:

  • Basic Member Only – FREE
  • Silver Member – $88/year
  • Gold Member – $388/year
  • Platinum Member – $888/year

***Note that it is FREE to become a member and that membership fees are not due until we’ve acquired enough petitions to officially register the party across targeted voting districts.

Without further adieu, let us introduce our core political agenda. Here are our key party principles:

Global Economic Parity [GESARA; Global Equality Succession And Reconciliation Act]

Our party believes that America should lead the initiative with the support of the G20 to cultivate and empower economically deprived countries so that each and every single country will have the opportunity to achieve and sustain economic parity and engage in universal fair trade by standing in their own power not too far in the near future. We believe that each and every person on Earth are sovereign citizens of the planet and nobody should have any more or less of an opportunity than another based on their location or nationality.

Unified Progressivism

As we embark on venturing into the Age of the Aquarius, our party will nurture the philosophy, practice and cultivation of recognizing and supporting all progressive agendas in all aspects of existential practicality; including but not limited to science, technology, social and economic equality, globalization, humanitarianism, spirituality, education, activism, artistic & sexual expression, individualism, et. al. Our goal is to become a political party that will revolutionize the advancement of the Hue-man Angelic Race.

Autonomous Equal Opportunity

The current social, economic and cultural landscape fostered by capitalism and the political and legislative policies backing it only provides real equal opportunity to the participants within the upper echelon of the big corporate machine; excluding the majority of the population that are less fortunate. Our party believes that the availability and sustainability of real equal opportunity should accommodate all facets of our citizens regardless of their social, economic or cultural status as inspired by the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. America, “The Land of Opportunity” should not exclude anyone by any means under any circumstances.

National Income Redistribution [NESARA; National Economic Stabilization and Reclamation Act]

As a Socialist Party upholding the ideals of Marxism, we are advocates for the Socialist virtue of individual income parity via the enactment of a National Income Redistribution Framework against the upper class and profitable corporations. The goal is for individuals to be compensated based on their academic, artistic and/or philanthropic accolades by requiring the mandatory contribution from corporations and individuals earning more than a certain amount determined by quantitative algorithms but at the same time allowing them to retain a pliable amount of their earnings for their own modest, humble and sensible agendas. Conversely, they will be challenged in order to retain their wealth based on philanthropic and/or evolutionary performance incentives. So succeed in advancing the totality of education, help out the community or come up with innovative ideas and the government will make sure you get compensated financially.

Youth Empowerment Initiatives

Our party acknowledges that the youth of our current generation are unique and different compared to those of previous generations and that the majority are currently handicapped by the existing social, economic and political state of affairs. As savants of the Information Age, our youth are more intellectual, independent, versatile and sophisticated than ever before. And as such we believe that our society and political landscape should adapt to their dynamism. In our opinion, the most glaring challenge our youth faces today is having to worry about the debt from their high college tuition. We believe that free college tuition and tuition reimbursement are crucial initiatives when it comes to supporting our youth. We also recognize the necessity of our youth to embrace their own incipient maturity and individuality and as such we will be pioneering initiatives that will harness and empower their success and livelihood.

IKIGAI: (生き甲斐, ‘a reason for being’) is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living. We will embrace what you love, heed to what the world needs and make sure you get paid for what you’re good at. We believe that all human beings on Earth have an innate desire to make something out of themselves and our party is a proponent of making that happen for everyone here on Earth and beyond.


We hope that you’ll buy into our unified globally progressive vision and agenda for a political party not looking to blend in with the status quo. We truly believe that with the gathering of all the nerds on our planet we can make tangible miracles happen for our entire society and its social and economic infrastructure.

Make room to dream big for us all… for the bigger the dream, more are bound to follow.

**To petition for the creation of our party or if you’re interested in becoming a member and/or volunteer of our foundation during our inception phase please fill out the following form:

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